• Wish your desk was this clean?

    Become exponentially more efficient in your lease review with the BrokerSavant Learning Engine.
    The more you use it, the more intelligent it becomes.
  • Wish your desk was this clean?

    Become exponentially more efficient in your lease review with the BrokerSavant Learning Engine.
    The more you use it, the more intelligent it becomes.
  • The BrokerSavant Solution

    Making commercial real estate data actionable.

    The integration of machine and human learning into a semi-automated process for
    scalable lease abstraction operations.

  • Read our IWMS white-paper:

    IWMS: The Importance of Accurate Corporate Real Estate Lease Data

See what we can do for you

No longer is the debate man versus machine; today, forward-thinking companies know it's man and machine. BrokerSavant’s SaaS platform uses artificial intelligence technology to facilitate better, faster, cheaper lease abstract processes for property owners, third party service providers and corporate tenants.

Streamline Operations

Single processing center increases consistency and quality - regardless of employee absences and turnover.

Higher Data Accuracy and Consistency

Harness ‘smart’ technology and reduce human error resulting from repetitious processes and tedious abstraction work.

Realize Cost Savings

Reduce the time it takes to abstract one lease by up to 40%. See How!

Drive Incremental Revenue Opportunities

Increase incremental volume with the same amount of people.

Increase Effectiveness

Equalize the variables between -and eliminate the biases of - abstractors’ different training, background and time zones.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Envision staff capabilities with more capacity and re-think business processes.

Our Solutions

Options for software & service

Solutions tailored to clients' specific needs
Software License Only Software License & Lease Onboarding 1x Project Based Lease Abstraction
(Full Outsource Service)
Software license, unlimited users* Checkmark Checkmark N/A
Initial lease onboarding** Client BrokerSavant N/A
Ongoing lease onboarding** Client Client or BrokerSavant N/A
Full-service outsourcing (completed lease abstracts and data export files) N/A N/A BrokerSavant

* Software license includes initial system implementation, configuration, training, and support

** Initial lease onboarding includes: Lease ingestion, artificial intelligence engine lease processing, Quality Assurance Lease Review Service

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See What We’ve Done For Others

Using machine learning to work smarter, not harder.
See how OAG - North America’s largest and oldest real estate lease recovery audit firm - is pushing beyond audit traditions in their contract with BrokerSavant.

“The BrokerSavant tool is intriguing, we really like what it does. It makes us more efficient and puts what we need at our fingertips. We definitely will be able to analyze a lease quicker.”

- Jim Daniel, OAG CFO

“The biggest selling point is that the machine learns the information we are trying to isolate. It’s a knowledge repository that gets better with use.”

-Robert Wageck, OAG lead auditor.

Dig Deeper. Check out the research behind our company's work.

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Who is the BrokerSavant Team?

Who is Behind All This

Based in Chicago, BrokerSavant has assembled a team that has more than a decade of subject matter expertise in commercial real estate, over 20 years of enterprise software development experience, and employs two full-time machine learning annotators ​who together have over 20 years of lease abstraction experience.

Our Vision

To provide the commercial real estate (CRE) industry with a semi-automated lease abstraction solution that will standardize the lease abstraction process for administrators and real estate professionals by ensuring efficiency, uniformity, consistency and accuracy.

Lease abstraction today is a very labor-intensive, manual and frustratingly redundant process. But it doesn’t have to be – we believe that our Solution will eliminate many of these inefficiencies, allowing abstractors to do their job more quickly, easily and efficiently. The end result: a total solution to the daily management of leasing data where critical information is available in a timely and easily discernible manner.

Markets We Serve

REITs, Landlords, and Property Management Professionals are using our Solution to:

  • Ensure that real estate assets are fully utilized and that critical lease dates, $’s and clauses are not missed
  • Alleviate the administrative burden of portfolio management with more efficient lease and financial record keeping
  • Improve productivity when on-boarding and maintaining buildings’ tenants’ leases
  • Provide IT and business infrastructure to increase efficiency

Consultants, Third Party Lease Abstraction and Lease Audit Firms are watching the BrokerSavant Solution:

  • Drive incremental lease abstraction volume
  • Streamline lease abstraction team practices and communication across a single platform
  • Dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their staff’s abstraction efforts
  • Create a knowledge repository that guards against employee absences and turnover

C-Suite Executives and Corporate Tenants are using the BrokerSavant Solution to:

  • Ensure the most accurate and cost-efficient lease abstraction process possible
  • Implement consistent, repeatable and measurable policies and procedures around lease abstraction and management
  • Avoid a decentralized property organizational structure
  • Create a single, in-house, lease processing center




RICH GOLEM, Senior Vice President, Product Management

MEGAN MCDUFFEE, Machine Learning Annotator

Over 16 years of paralegal experience

TOM MCCARTHY, Machine Learning Annotator




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