Economic Development Property Index

 BrokerSavant makes marketing your community’s commercial properties to site selectors simple and cost-effective, with a highly visible, easily searchable index. Our patent-pending Property Index integrates seamlessly with your website, and its streamlined, data-rich interface puts all the information site selectors need directly on your website.  Just upload flyers of commercial real estate listings from brokers in your area. Or let them do it.

Why BrokerSavant?

97% of all site selectors start their search online. BrokerSavant makes it easy to list properties in a highly visible, easily searchable commercial Property Index, simply by uploading pre-existing flyers. And because this revolutionary property finder is built into your website, site selectors will recognize you as the top resource for locating properties in your area. Showcase commercial property and be an indispensable resource for your area’s economic development plan.



Get organized
BrokerSavant Economic Development Property Index Overview


Your community’s available commercial property inventory in one place.
Site selectors will love the simple search interface, ensuring repeat visits to your  website.

Upload flyers instead of filling out forms

property flyer data extraction

Our advanced technology pulls all of the property details from a broker’s flyer
so your time isn’t wasted entering anything manually.

Engage Site Selectors

Engage Site Selectors

Keep visitors engaged with your community’s available business sites by helping them
search through properties more effectively. Our size filters include configurations
such as combining vacant spaces so no opportunities are ever overlooked.

The Gold Standard

commercial real estate property flyer

The unique details that a commercial broker includes on a property flyer
are the most complete and up-to-date. Instead of requiring information
that doesn’t pertain to some properties, we allow the flyers to take center stage.

Property Index Pricing

For pricing information, please contact Clay Rankin at 773.844.2830