BrokerSavant's FREE webcast series on lease abstraction technology, artificial intelligence, and lease information management.

These 5-7 minute on-demand webcasts are ideal for companies that are currently migrating from legacy systems, actively acquiring real estate portfolio assets, looking to improve their overall process of how critical lease data is abstracted, migrated and managed, or are implementing the new FASB/IASB lease accounting rules.

Explore how state-of-the-art lease abstraction technology can save time, increase accuracy and streamline collaboration.

Welcome to the BrokerSavant webcast series on lease abstraction technology and lease information management. This 5-part on-demand webcast series will introduce you to the latest technologies available for lease abstraction, and BrokerSavant’s breakthrough SaaS platform to ease the pains of lease onboarding and management through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A Must for Companies Implementing the New FASB/IASB Lease Accounting Rules

This information is a must for companies that are planning or already starting their FASB/IASB implementation projects in 2018. One of the most resource intensive parts of your implementation can be the first phase of collecting and aggregating all of your leases and data, creating and validating your lease abstracts for completeness and accuracy, and uploading all of this information into your lease accounting system. BrokerSavant can do the heavy lifting of lease abstraction and data migration associated with these activities using our AI-driven technology, and provide you 25-40% time savings compared to manual lease abstraction methods. In addition to providing technology, BrokerSavant can also provide complete turnkey lease abstraction services for companies that prefer a full-service outsource solution.

Individual topics available in this webcast series include:

  • Introduction to Automated Lease Abstraction: This session provides an introduction and high-level overview to lease abstraction methods and the emergence of new technologies and their impact.
  • Why This is Important Now ‐ Impact of the New FASB/IASB Lease Accounting Standards on Your Workflow: This session provides an overview of the new FASB/IASB lease accounting standards, and how this will impact your lease onboarding workflows while implementing the new standards in 2018.
  • The Automated Lease Abstraction Process: A Deeper Look: This session takes a deeper look into the specific processes and workflows of automated lease abstraction using BrokerSavant and the improvements you can expect.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Lease Abstraction ‐ How it Works: This session provides an introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) and how BrokerSavant employs AI to transform legacy lease abstraction methods.
  • Lease Information Management and Workflows: This session takes a process excellence approach to show you how to improve the management of your lease information and documents, and streamline workflows using BrokerSavant.

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